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Telplex was established in 1995 and is among the oldest carrier resellers. We lease telephone wire lines from the major local, long distance and international carriers under long term lease obligations with such major companies as AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon. These wire lines are the same lines that local telephone networks may be using to provide service to their customers. Therefore, our customers maintain the same quality of service they now enjoy when they transfer to our service.

Whether it’s local service, long distance service, Internet or mobility, Telplex has a solution for your ever changing communication needs.


Download a PDF of the E911 Advisory Brochure

Refunds Policy

Telplex will use best efforts to issue a refund check within 30 days of any balance remaining due on a customer’s closed and undisputed account.

Cancellation Policy

Any account that is not subject to a contract is considered “at will.” You may cancel at anytime without penalty by either requesting we disconnect their service or by calling another carrier who will place an order on behalf of the customer to switch off our network. Once the service is disconnected or the service is ported away the account will be closed. Any account that is subject to a contract may also cancel their service in the same manner but will be subject to an early termination fee.

Telplex is not affiliated with any local telephone company or independent marketing company who may offer you our service.

AutoPay Terms & Conditions

Each charge will be reflected on the next bill statement. You hereby agree and acknowledge that all charges are valid and accurate. You agree you will not dispute any charges with your credit card company and hereby release Telplex from any and all claims. If upon review of your bill, you dispute any charges, you agree to first contact our customer service department to review your claims. If it is determined a credit needs to be issued then said credit will appear on your next bill cycle. If, at any time, your credit card is declined for any reason whatsoever you agree upon our notification to provide an alternative form of acceptable payment. Failure to do so could result in late fees, penalties or interruption in service. You agree to hold harmless Telplex from any damages or claims arising from your failure to pay. Telplex will continue to charge your credit card each month until you notify us in writing withdrawing consent and establishing another manner of payment. Your responsibility will continue uninterrupted until payment is complete. This responsibility may not be assigned without the written permission of Telplex. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, excluding its conflict of law principles. You further agree that at all times past, present and future Telplex’s services are provided to you with your full authority and without any dispute whatsoever.

Payment Applications

Auto Pay Application

ACH Application

Arizona Universal Service Fund (AUSF)

Arizona Universal Service Fund (AUSF)


California Disaster Relief Program Information for California Residential and Small Business Customers Affected by Declared States of Emergency

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