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How do I access Call Forwarding Remotely?

Call the Update Center (*78 from the line with Remote Access Forwarding/Scheduled Forwarding OR 1-888-XXX-8052 from any touchtone telephone).

The Update Center telephone number is usually 888-NPA-8052. NPA = the AREA CODE of the number with Remote Access Forwarding/Scheduled Forwarding except in Minnesota, Iowa, and Arizona.

In Minnesota for NPA 763 or 952, use NPA 612; e.g.,1-888 612-8052.
In Iowa for NPA 641, use NPA 515; e.g., 1-888 515-8052.
In Arizona for NPA 928, use NPA 520; e.g., 1-888 520-8052
After calling the Update Center:

Follow the recorded instructions which include entering the end-user’s area code and telephone.
Enter the temporary or permanent four-digit security code. The temporary security code is always set to 1-2-3-4. The end-user will be instructed to establish a new security code.
Listen to the main menu for options.

To establish or change Forwarding Number, contact the Update Center and do one of the following:

  • Press 1 to establish a forward to telephone number.
  • Press 2 to change the existing forward to telephone number
  • When prompted, enter the area code and telephone number you are forwarding your local and long distance calls to.
  • When filling in the call forward telephone numbers, the appropriate format must be used:
    • In areas with Local 7-digit dialing the number must never be preceded by an area code.
    • In areas with Local 10-digit dialing, the number must be preceded with the area code.
  • Once the call forward numbers are entered, hang up. Calls are now forwarded.

To cancel Remote Access Forwarding:

  • Contact the Update Center.
  • Press 1.
  • Hang up.
  • Forwarding is now canceled.



How do I use Voice Mail?

Your Voice Mail access number is 1-866-886-8886.

Initial Set Up of Your Voice Mailbox

The first time you use your voice mailbox you will be required to conduct an initial setup.

Dial your Access Number 1-866-886-8886.
Then you must enter your complete 10 digit telephone number.
Then enter your PIN. Your default PIN is the last 4 digits of your main telephone number. You will then be prompted to create a new PIN code.
You will then be prompted to record a new Greeting.

Main Menu

Access Messages
Select and Record Greetings
Change Mailbox Options
Number of Messages in Mailbox
7 8 9
* 0

Whenever you access your voice mailbox you are told how many messages you have, and then you will hear the main menu.

Message Center says:
To retrieve your messages, press 1.
To send a message, press 2.
To work with your greetings, press 3.
To change your mailbox options, press 4.
To hear the number of New and Saved messages, press 5.
To disconnect, press 6

Activation of Message Headers For Date and Time Stamp
When you listen to your messages, the playing of the message header date and time stamp before each message is optional. The message header includes information about who sent the message and when. To Activate/Deactivate Message Headers, Press (4) for Mailbox Options, then Press (3) to enable/disable the Message Headers.

Tip: Even when Message Headers are not played, you can still access the Message Header by pressing 8 while listening to the message.

Listening to Your Messages

To listen to your messages, press 1 at the Main Menu.

The messages will be played to you, starting with the New messages and then followed by any Saved messages (messages which you have already listened to and have decided to save rather than delete). Tip: While a message is playing you can press 1 to begin again, 7 to skip back,8 to pause, 9 to skip forward, or you can press # to skip to the next message.

Listen to Message
Save Message
Delete Message
Reply to Message
Forward Message
Next Message
Listen to End of Message
Message Header
Access Deleted Messages
Control Menu
Next Message

When a message has finished playing Message Center says:
To move to the next message, press #.
To listen to the message from the beginning, press 1.
To save the message, press 2.
To delete the message, press 3.
To reply to the message, press 4.
To forward this message to another mailbox, press 5.
To skip to the next message, press 6
To hear the end of the message again, press 7.
To hear when the message was sent, press 8.
To access your deleted messages, press 9.
For help, press 0
For control menu, press 0
To go to the next message, press #

Selecting and Recording Your Greetings

When a caller reaches your voice mailbox they are greeted by one of five different greetings. To record these greetings and to select the greeting to be active, press 3 at the Main Menu.

Not Available
No Messages Greeting
Change Recorded Name
Busy Greeting
8 9
Control Menu

You are told which greeting is currently active and Message Center says:
To select your “In The Office And Available” greeting, press 1.
To select your “In The Office And Not Available”, greeting press 2.
To select the “Not Accepting Messages” greeting, press 3.
To select the “System” greeting, press 4.
To change your Recorded Name, press 5.
To work with your “Busy” greeting, press 6.
To return, press 7.

Recording Greetings

You will need to record at least one of the above Greetings along with the “Busy” greeting. When you choose these greetings from the Greetings Menu you are given the choice of re-recording the greeting or simply listening to the current recording.

Note: If your Stutter Dial Tone is not working please call us immediately to fix it.


How do I reject a call?

How to activate Call Rejection:

Dial *60 from a touchtone telephone (or dial 1160 from a rotary telephone.)
Select the appropriate Call Rejection option.

To establish or add a telephone number to your Call Rejection list:

Dial #60 (for rotary telephone, dial 12).

To add the last incoming call to your Call Rejection list:

Dial #60. Wait for a tone and then dial 01# (for a rotary telephone, dial 12, wait for a tone and then dial 0112).

To remove an entry from your Call Rejection list:

Dial * (for a rotary telephone, dial 11).

To review the telephone numbers on your Call Rejection list

Dial 1. Follow the recorded instructions.

How to Deactivate Call Rejection

Dial *80 from a touch-tone telephone or 1180 from a rotary telephone.

To remove all entries on your Call Rejection list

Dial 08.

To remove all private entries on your Call Rejection list

Dial 09.

To save your revised Call Rejection list

Hang up.


How do I transfer a call or three way call?


  • Press the switch hook.
  • A unique call transfer dial tone will indicate the calling party is on hold.
  • Dial the telephone number of the third party and do one of the following:
    • Hang up to complete the transfer
    • Stay on the line until the third party answers, introduce the call and then hang up
  • To conduct a three-way conversation, press the switch hook before or after the third party answers and all three parties will be connected.

*(Not Available In all Area’s) Call Transfer Disconnect is a call-transferring service that enables you to transfer your incoming calls to another phone number without your having to invest in an expensive telephone system. Call Transfer Disconnect enables your incoming calls to be transferred away from your office so that you are more accessible and your business line is available for other incoming business calls.

How do I automatically reject anonymous calls?

  • To activate Anonymous Call Rejection, Press *77 (1177 for rotary telephones).
  • To deactivate Anonymous Call Rejection, Press *87 (1187 for rotary telephones).

How do I restrict Dialing?

The Update Center, can be accessed, by end-users, one of two ways:

  • By dialing 1-888-NPA-8052 (NPA equals the end-user’s area code)
  • By dialing *78 from the line Dial Lock is provisioned

Calling from NPAs in MN, 763 and 952, end-users will need to use NPA 612; i.e, 1-888-612-8052.
Calling from NPA in IA, 641, end-users will need to use NPA 515; i.e., 1-888-515-8052.
Calling from NPA in AZ, 928, end-users will need to use NPA 520; i.e., 1-888-520-8052.
A 6-digit administrative security code is required to access and make changes to Dial Lock. The temporary default security code is 123456. The end-user will call the Update Center to establish a permanent security code and make changes to their blocking profile.

The end-user will be requested to enter their temporary security code of 123456. Recorded instructions will guide the end-user through establishing their own 6-digit security code.
The first time the end-user calls the Update Center they will hear general instructions for managing their Dial Lock service before they hear the Dial Lock Main Menu. The end-user will have the option to bypass the general instructions the next time they call the Update Center.

When the end-user accesses the Dial Lock Main Menu, they will hear an announcement advising them that the Dial Lock status is either on or off.

How do I use forwarding variable?

To activate Call Forwarding Variable:

  • Dial *72 or #72 from a touchtone telephone (72 from a rotary telephone).
  • Listen for second dial tone.
  • Dial the Call Forwarding Number.
  • Both parties must remain on the call for at least five seconds for Call Forwarding Variable activation to work.
  • If the Call Forwarding Number is busy or does not answer:
    • Hang up and immediately repeat the process.
    • Two quick tones will confirm that Call Forwarding Variable is in effect.

To deactivate Call Forwarding Variable:

  • Dial *73 or #73 from a touchtone telephone (73 from a rotary telephone).
  • When you hear two quick tones followed by dial tone, calls are no longer forwarded

To verify Call Forwarding Variable is in effect:

  • Dial *72 or #72 from a touchtone telephone (72 from a rotary telephone).
  • A busy signal or error announcement confirms that Call Forwarding Variable is in effect.


How do I use Security Screening?

Call the Update Center by dialing *78 from the line with Security Screen or 888-NPA-8052 from any touchtone telephone.

In Arizona for NPA 928, use NPA 520; e.g., 1-888-520-8052
In Iowa for NPA 641, use NPA 515; e.g., 1-888 515-8052
In Minnesota for NPAs 763 or 952, use NPA 612; e.g. 1-888 612-8052.
A 4-digit security code must be entered to make changes on service.

The temporary code is 1234 for the first time the Update Center is called.
The end-user will be instructed to establish a new custom security code.

How do I use Speed Calling?

To establish a Speed Calling list:

End-user determines telephone numbers that they would like to associate with a Speed Calling code.
End-user assigns a Speed Calling Code to each number they want on the Speed Calling list:
Speed Calling 8 Codes: 2 through 9
Speed Calling 30 Codes: 20 through 49
End-user dials one of the following access codes:
Speed Calling 8 Code: dial *74 from a touchtone or 74 from a rotary phone.
Speed Calling 30 Code: dial *75 from a touchtone or 75 from a rotary phone.
End-user dials the Speed Calling code, followed immediately by the full telephone number they want associated with that code. (A tone confirms that the code number and the associated telephone number are recorded.)
End-user will repeat above steps for each number they want to add or change/overlay on the Speed Calling list.
To Activate Speed Calling 8 or 30:


Dial Speed Calling Code plus #
Speed Calling 8 Codes: 2# through 9#
Speed Calling 30 Codes: 20# through 49#


Dial Speed Calling Code.
Speed Calling 8 Codes: 2 through 9
Speed Calling 30 Codes: 20 through 49


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